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Glockmeister's "Build-A-GLOCK"
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Build and order your own custom GLOCK with GLOCKMEISTER's Build-A GLOCK app! Build-A-GLOCK lets you customize a GLOCK the way you want it utilizing parts available at GLOCKMEISTER. Change barrels, mags, lights, night sights and other accessories to create your very own customized GLOCK. View the gun in complete 3D and learn about the inner workings of the GLOCK. Operate the weapon in OPERATION mode and try out your skills by disassembling the GLOCK as fast as possible, competing with players AROUND THE WORLD!

With fast and responsive 3D graphics, you can build, operate and purchase your very own custom GLOCK!


- Highl detailed 3D model
- Interact with the guns in OPERATE mode, with four levels of X-Ray and two levels of slow motion
- Enjoy five game modes: Demo, Operation, Disassembly, Assembly and Game
- Various castomization available (20+ accessories)
- 42 parts for disassembly (manual step-by-step disassembly with multi hints are available)

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