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Just a suggestion

Post by nall44 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:54 pm

I understand not only the coding is different but the processing power and design must've had a different approach as well when you built the 2nd Gun Disassembly game and I'm very glad you did. When I searched in the Play Store I had no intention of finding one of your games but only a knock-off or just something in this "genre". With that said I had a few things I would like to suggest, if they seemed like valid options, as side projects (since new firearms are obviously more important overall).

First, like with the first Disassembly game I was wondering if it would be easy to code in "achievements" for the firearms. Ones just like the first game such as "assembly w/o hints", "game w/o hints", the time attack achieves and "sniper" to name a few.

Second, If these achieves gave us an in game currency with a much more limited value than RMTs such as experience or "firearm knowledge" (your the designers, I trust you) that can subsequently be used to purchase either weapons at large amounts (in the case of this game I would say a good bit larger than your flash game) and/or purchase side missions like shooting range unlocks and demos of your other Disassembly games I believe it would give people a bit more to feel they are working for and also provide a better potential for further progression from clients since they will be getting a return on their play and may even buy other games if the demos are a success. I personally liked your human skeleton from the flash game.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I really enjoy having the Disassembly series on my portable devices but after playing the flash game a few features do feel somewhat lacking and I feel that giving it an infusion of the original to an extent will help make the game a bit more fun. Thank you for listening.


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Re: Just a suggestion

Post by Stronger » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:45 pm

What do you mean about flash game?

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