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Blade runner

Post by maaspo » Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:04 am

When I first clapped eyes on the Chiappa's Rhino pistol I immediately thought it was the one from the film Blade Runner!

A little research and I find that there are many more talented than I who have had a multi-decade obsession with the film prop piece and only just a few years back did the original emerged in an auction to put long standing questions about the firearm to rest.

Since then a small group of Japanese enthusiasts have created a beautiful replica of the gun used in the film, based on the model itself, and also included and instruction manual on how every part looks and fits together as it's intended for hobbyists to construct themselves.

• From the makers:

• A well known Hollywood stunt part maker has had a 24yr obsession:


• A promo of the gun (video by a fan):

Please consider uploading this, many films have excellent weapons in them and I think it could open up a whole new fan base for your product!

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